About Us

William M. Windsor has compiled the data for the National RegisterOfHistoricPlaces.us from basic data provided by the U.S. National Park Service. The National Park Service is the government entity resp[onsible for the National Register.

Bill Windsor is uniquely qualified. He believes he is the only person in the world who has ever taken two 50-state road trips – continuous trips to visit all 50 states. The two trips took a little over 365 days and visited thousands of cities and towns.

National RegisterOfHistoricPlaces.us has used the information gathered for Round America, the well-known first trip. That information has been used to supplement government data by searching state visitor information and online sources. This website provides one-click to everything you could ever want to know about a historic site. State-of-the-art online tools have been used to make the data searchable and useable in a manner unavailable anywhere else.

In addition to addresses, Bill Windsor captured latitude and longitude information, and this is displayed for your use. By integrating Google Maps with our data, all it takes is one click for Directions from where you are to each historic sight of interest.

Several options have been created to make it very easy to search for Listings of interest.